Coffee, Sugar, and Sea Salt Scrubs --Vegan Friendly--

This amazing scrub will quickly become one of your favorite bath product, the creamy consistency, sweet addictive scents, and they way your skin will glow from head to toe, is unbelievable.

There are many benefits gained from using Sugar Scrubs. Sugar is a natural humectant, which really just means it draws moisture into your Skin. Sugar is also a natural source of glycerol acid, which is the agent that encourages new skin to grow and what is often used to treat sun-damaged skin. Another benefit is to exfoliating properties of sugar. This helps slough away dead skin and allows healthy, glowing skin to emerge.

Coffee has several benefits that includes exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, temporarily reducing of cellulite, improves circulation and smooth skin.
The regular use of coffee in your cellulite treatment will provide wonderful effects in several weeks! The coffee scrub is one of the biggest miracles for your body. It is extremely effective and can offer you numerous health benefits.
Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural antioxidant, and due to it, it is extremely beneficial. When you apply the coffee scrub, the skin absorbs this antioxidant and this prevents premature aging.
All beauty regimens should include exfoliation treatments. These scrubs are incredible for exfoliating the skin. This procedure will eliminate residual dirt and dead skin, so it makes the skin look fresh, radiant and rejuvenated. After being exfoliated the skin can absorb moisture more effectively